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Web Development is all about creating, building, and maintaining websites and web applications. It includes web designing, programming, database management, and other related staff. To run a website successfully, some parameters should be met that are also part of the Web Development process. Speed, Stability, Robustness, Accessibility, and Usability; these properties need to be maintained.


Duration: 4 months

A day: 2 hours

A week: 3 days

Category: .

Course Outline

Class 1
Course Overview & Introduce to Everyone
Difference between Web Design and Development
Add on facebook secret support
Add on Skype secret support
Introduce to YouTube,screenshot, team viewer
Bank account information

Introduction to PHP
Class 2-4
– Introduction to PHP
– Setting up the environment
– Basic syntax
– Variables and data types
– Operators
– Control structures

Functions and Arrays
Class 5-8
– Functions
– Arrays
– Associative arrays
– Multidimensional arrays

Object-Oriented Programming
Class 9-12
– Introduction to OOP
– Classes and objects
– Properties and methods
– Inheritance
– Polymorphism

Database Connectivity
Class 13-16
– Introduction to databases
– MySQL database connectivity
– CRUD operations using PHP and MySQL

Web Development with PHP
Class 17-20
– Introduction to web development with PHP
– HTML forms and PHP
– Cookies and sessions
– File handling in PHP

Advanced Topics in PHP
Class 21-24
– Regular expressions in PHP
– Error handling in PHP
– Debugging techniques in PHP
– Security in PHP

Inventory Project (Live)
Class 25-28
– Project definition and planning
– Database design for inventory management system
– Creating tables for inventory management system
– Inserting data into tables

Inventory Project (Live)
Class 29-32
– Retrieving data from tables
– Updating data in tables
– Deleting data from tables
– Displaying data in web pages

Inventory Project (Live)
Class 33-36
– Adding search functionality to inventory management system
– Adding pagination functionality to inventory management system
– Adding sorting functionality to inventory management system
– Adding filtering functionality to inventory management system

Class 37
– Canva

Earning Opportunities
Class 38
– Account Creation on Market Places
– Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork

Class 39
– Profile Building with Discussion & Gig creation (Fiverr)

Class 40
– Tips & Secrets Mentioned Marketplaces
– How to Rank Our Profile on Marketplaces?

Class 41
– How to Deal with Clients
– Secret Tips & Tricks for Picking Clients from Not Only Marketplace but Also Other Online Platforms

Testing and Deployment
Class 42-44
– Testing techniques in PHP
– Deployment strategies for PHP applications

Testing and Deployment
Class 45-48
– Responsive web design using Bootstrap framework
– JavaScript basics
– jQuery library
– AJAX requests

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Career Support:

After course completion, students
can get jobs as:

♥ Web Designer

♥ Web Developer

♥ IT Firm

♥ TV Media

♥ Media House

♥ Multimedia Production House

♥ Advertisement Firm

♥ Real Estate Firm

♥ fiverr

♥ freelancer

♥ Upwork

♥ Peopleperhour

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Software Taught

♥ Notepad++

♥ Dreamweaver

♥ Sublime text3

♥ Net beans

♥ Xampp

♥ Wamp

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