How Long Have ALLITBD been?

ALL IT BD started its activities with providing IT Facilities since 2010 and officially built-in this company in the eve of 22 March 2014. Currently ALL IT BD is served comprehensive IT services such as Domain, Hosting, Bulk SMS, Software Development, Web Design-Development and Professional IT Training.

Where is our Office to be found?

ALLITBD, GS Bhaban, Altafunnesa Play Ground Lane, Serpur Road, Bogra

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is an occupation with freedom of choice. A large number of people is being eager to start Freelancing, Some of them charming it as Full/part time jobs.
In short, not in working under any person, company or agency where there is no rules and Regulation applicable to you. Freelancing means “Working freely”.

What kind of institute should be chosen for learning?

To learn freelancing you must choose an IT training and services center where skilled freelancers work by profession and IT Services are available.

What you do being unsuccessful having got our training once?

If anyone sensed it to learn more after having our full training, He or she is allowed for the next batches until being successful without any payment.

How to get ALL IT BD’s Services?

One can have our services from Offline and Online also.

How long it require to start earning after Training?

To be truth, Your progress make your earning sure. Learn fast to Earn fast maintaining your quality. If you can absorb all the things we taught and follow our guideline properly, it’s expected to start earning in training session.

What payment methods are acceptable?

We accept Cash Payment, Bank Payment, Bkash Payment, DBBL Mobile Banking Payment, Skrill Payment, Master card Payment & Paypal Payment. For more details please check our payment option page.

Do I have access to the tech support center 24 hours 7 days a week?

Yes, our technical support center is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide our customers service, around the clock. You can receive Phone, Live Chat, support ticket  and Help desk service from our 24 / 7 available customer support team for immediate problem resolution.

Why Freelancing is recommended being other profession?

The demand of IT in Bangladesh is being increased everyday through eliminating unemployment problem from Bangladesh. It’s only the way to earn maximum remittance by profession

Why will you come to ALL I BD?

ALL IT BD is reputed IT Company in Bangladesh having highly skilled trainers with ensuring 100% success and you money back guarantee.
Our services are highly recommended by thousands of our clients in the whole world. There are many reasons to be ALL IT BD.

How many courses are there in ALL IT BD?

Web Design, Graphic design, Mastering graphics, 3D Model design, Digital Marketing, SEO, Admin Support, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Android, IOS, Windows Apps Development, Social media marketing, Advanced WordPress Development, YouTube Marketing & AdSense, Communicative English, Certificate In Computer Application/ Certificate In Office Application (3/6 Month), ICT Academic Training, ICT Teachers Training courses

How is ALL IT BD’s course fees?

There are many courses in ALLITBD, different courses have different  fees. In sometimes it’s Depend on scholarship and seasonal offer

How much money you can earn after completing Training?

It’s very tough to ascertain the amount how much you will earn in a moth. Your earning depends on Quality, Speed and Timing of your works and how much time you may perhaps spend here.

Why will you have our training?

Make your Earning 100% sure following guidelines properly.
♥ Our Training is in used by a team of experts, they are freelancer by profession.
We support you in 24 hrs on marketplace to get job.
♥ Freelancing/Outsourcing is focused in Training session.
Marketplaces profile will be completed up to bottom and taught proposal submitting.
♥ Payment method will be verified by professionals.
Mentoring for weak trainees besides core training portion.
♥ Excellent sorted digital Lab having CCTV monitoring.
We have large capacity Residence for students from far-off.
♥ Buyer/Client Management techniques, Getting Job, Delivery and communication.
If you cannot be successful after having our proper training once you are able to attend in the next batches (Free).

Why we are incomparable to others?

We effort to insert something special besides our core Training. If anyone sensed it to learn more after having our full training, He or she is allowed for the next batches until being successful with out any payment. Our Students can be connected to our special team on the purpose of skill development. Innovative methods and something new are being bond to our training program according to your demand.Click here to learn more about what our services can offer you

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