• Professional Video Editing With Freelancing


    Course Outline

    ⇒ Class: 01
    Introduction to everyone
    Join our secrete group
    Introduction video editing and composing

    ⇒ Class: 02
    Concept of Static Design
    Basic uses of Photoshop
    Tools and their uses in Character designing

    ⇒ Class: 03
    Image editing, Shaping and Retouching
    Manipulation, Item Design and Manuscript

    ⇒ Class: 04
    Introduction to video editing software
    How to install video editing software

    ⇒ Class: 05
    Introduce to premier pro interface

    ⇒ Class: 06
    Video Source file link
    Video formats
    Importing Clips saving and Opening a project
    Import file
    Add file

    ⇒ Class: 07-9
    Introduce to all tools of premier pro

    ⇒ Class: 10
    Making slow motion video
    Flip and reverse video

    ⇒ Class: 11
    Working with sequences
    Multiple characters
    Key frame and Rendering

    ⇒ Class: 12
    How to edit Transition

    ⇒ Class: 13
    How to make frame

    ⇒ Class: 14
    How to animate text
    Text animation effect and Masking

    ⇒ Class: 15
    How to make an eye-catching typography

    ⇒ Class: 16
    Rolling titles and crawling titles
    3D Title
    Default still
    Title with lighting effects
    Title with transition

    ⇒ Class: 17
    How to make a lower third
    Lower third animation

    ⇒ Class: 18
    Making Intro and Outro

    ⇒ Class: 19
    Color correction
    How to make a cinematic color
    How to add color effect in video

    ⇒ Class: 20
    Color balance
    Color grading
    RGB Curve
    Color Matte
    Video color Grade

    ⇒ Class: 21
    Remove background
    How to add extra object on video

    ⇒ Class: 22
    Working with Sound
    Using Audio mixer window
    Audio transitions Fades and cross fades

    ⇒ Class: 23
    MixPad and Audacity for sound Editing
    Converting Audio

    ⇒ Class: 24
    Sound Amplification, Chorus, Compressor and Distortion

    ⇒ Class: 25
    How to insert audio sound
    Applying audio effects Reverb, Gain, Delay,
    Reducing noise using Denoiser

    ⇒ Class: 26
    Advance whiteboard animation

    ⇒ Class: 27
    Introductory Camtesia

    ⇒ Class: 28
    Clips Cutting and Merging on Camtesia
    Audio Customizing

    ⇒ Class: 29
    Live projects

    ⇒ Class: 30
    Live projects

    ⇒ Class: 31
    Live projects

    ⇒ Class: 32
    Filmora installation, Interface and Tools
    Clip cutting, cropping, sorting and transition
    Controlling features

    ⇒ Class: 33
    Video mode changing and effects on Filmora
    Music and Audio effects

    ⇒ Class: 34
    Lower Third and Text Animation on Filmora

    ⇒ Class: 35
    A Complete Project by Filmora and MixPad

    ⇒ Class: 36
    On Demand (Review: 01-35) Class

    ⇒ Class: 37
    Introduce to Payment Method
    Information of bank account
    How to create Payoneer & Other getaway
    Introduce to Freelancing and Outsourcing
    Discussion on particular Marketplace
    ♥ PeoplePerHour
    ♥ Upwork
    ♥ Freelancer.com
    ♥ Fiverr & others

    ⇒ Class: 38
    How to create PeoplePerHour account
    How to place a effective bid on project
    Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

    ⇒ Class: 39
    How to create Upwork Account
    How to place a effective bid on project
    Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

    ⇒ Class: 40
    PeoplePerHour & Upwork Trouble-Shooting
    PeoplePerHour & Upwork student account Audit
    Marketplace Marketing
    Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

    ⇒ Class: 41
    How to create freelancer.com account
    Marketplace tips on freelancer.com
    How to place an effective bid on project
    How to participate on contest
    Difference of bid and contest

    ⇒ Class: 42
    Freelancer student account Audit
    freelancer.com account Problem Solution
    Secrete tips and tricks

    ⇒ Class: 43
    Introduce to marketplace fiverr.com
    How to create a fiverr account
    What is gig?
    How to create a gig
    How to send a buyer request
    Marketplace tips on fiverr

    ⇒ Class: 44
    Fiverr student account & gig Audit
    Fiverr gig marketing tips and tricks
    Fiverr Trouble-Shooting
    Secret trips and trick to make gig
    Secret trips and trick on fiverr

    ⇒ Class: 45
    Marketplace Trouble-Shooting
    Freelancer student account Re-Audit
    Fiverr student account & gig Re-Audit
    PeoplePerHour & Upwork student account Re-Audit
    How to send a effective buyer request/ bid
    Marketplace Marketing
    Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

    ⇒ Class: 46
    Important file sharing
    Paid font and source file sharing

    ⇒ Class: 47
    Practical Skill test

    ⇒ Class: 48
    Solve Class

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    Career Support

    • After course completion, students
      can get jobs as:

    ♥ Video Designer

    ♥ Product Designer

    ♥ 3D Static

    ♥ Corporate Design

    ♥ Tools and Parts Design

    ♥ Brochure, Logo Etc Designer

    ♥ Flash Artist

    ♥ Television & Media center

    ♥ Media House

    ♥ Multimedia Production House

    ♥ Advertisement Firm

    ♥ Architects Firm /Engineering firm

    ♥ Interior Firm/ Interior Design House

    ♥ Fashion House

    ♥ Freelancer

    ♥ Fiverr

    ♥ PeoplePerHour

    ♥ Upwork

    ♥ And More

    __ __ __

    Software Taught

    ♦ Photoshop

    ♦ Camtasia

    ♦ Primere Pro

    ♦ Filmora