Professional Video Editing With Freelancing



Video editing is a management and arrangement of video Clips. It’s used to structure and present all information, including films and television shows, video advertisements or any sorts of Presentation. Video editing has been noticeably democratized in recent years by editing software available for personal computers. It has also mentionable necessitate demand for Freelancing and Career on other platform.


Duration: 4 months
A day: 2 hours
A week: 3 days

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Course Outline

⇒ Class: 01
Introduction to everyone
Join our secrete group
Introduction video editing and composing

⇒ Class: 02
Concept of Static Design
Basic uses of Photoshop
Tools and their uses in Character designing

⇒ Class: 03
Image editing, Shaping and Retouching
Manipulation, Item Design and Manuscript

⇒ Class: 04
Introduction to video editing software
How to install video editing software

⇒ Class: 05
Introduce to premier pro interface

⇒ Class: 06
Video Source file link
Video formats
Importing Clips saving and Opening a project
Import file
Add file

⇒ Class: 07-9
Introduce to all tools of premier pro

⇒ Class: 10
Making slow motion video
Flip and reverse video

⇒ Class: 11
Working with sequences
Multiple characters
Key frame and Rendering

⇒ Class: 12
How to edit Transition

⇒ Class: 13
How to make frame

⇒ Class: 14
How to animate text
Text animation effect and Masking

⇒ Class: 15
How to make an eye-catching typography

⇒ Class: 16
Rolling titles and crawling titles
3D Title
Default still
Title with lighting effects
Title with transition

⇒ Class: 17
How to make a lower third
Lower third animation

⇒ Class: 18
Making Intro and Outro

⇒ Class: 19
Color correction
How to make a cinematic color
How to add color effect in video

⇒ Class: 20
Color balance
Color grading
RGB Curve
Color Matte
Video color Grade

⇒ Class: 21
Remove background
How to add extra object on video

⇒ Class: 22
Working with Sound
Using Audio mixer window
Audio transitions Fades and cross fades

⇒ Class: 23
MixPad and Audacity for sound Editing
Converting Audio

⇒ Class: 24
Sound Amplification, Chorus, Compressor and Distortion

⇒ Class: 25
How to insert audio sound
Applying audio effects Reverb, Gain, Delay,
Reducing noise using Denoiser

⇒ Class: 26
Advance whiteboard animation

⇒ Class: 27
Introductory Camtesia

⇒ Class: 28
Clips Cutting and Merging on Camtesia
Audio Customizing

⇒ Class: 29
Live projects

⇒ Class: 30
Live projects

⇒ Class: 31
Live projects

⇒ Class: 32
Filmora installation, Interface and Tools
Clip cutting, cropping, sorting and transition
Controlling features

⇒ Class: 33
Video mode changing and effects on Filmora
Music and Audio effects

⇒ Class: 34
Lower Third and Text Animation on Filmora

⇒ Class: 35
A Complete Project by Filmora and MixPad

⇒ Class: 36
On Demand (Review: 01-35) Class

⇒ Class: 37
Introduce to Payment Method
Information of bank account
How to create Payoneer & Other getaway
Introduce to Freelancing and Outsourcing
Discussion on particular Marketplace
♥ PeoplePerHour
♥ Upwork
♥ Fiverr & others

⇒ Class: 38
How to create PeoplePerHour account
How to place a effective bid on project
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 39
How to create Upwork Account
How to place a effective bid on project
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 40
PeoplePerHour & Upwork Trouble-Shooting
PeoplePerHour & Upwork student account Audit
Marketplace Marketing
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 41
How to create account
Marketplace tips on
How to place an effective bid on project
How to participate on contest
Difference of bid and contest

⇒ Class: 42
Freelancer student account Audit account Problem Solution
Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 43
Introduce to marketplace
How to create a fiverr account
What is gig?
How to create a gig
How to send a buyer request
Marketplace tips on fiverr

⇒ Class: 44
Fiverr student account & gig Audit
Fiverr gig marketing tips and tricks
Fiverr Trouble-Shooting
Secret trips and trick to make gig
Secret trips and trick on fiverr

⇒ Class: 45
Marketplace Trouble-Shooting
Freelancer student account Re-Audit
Fiverr student account & gig Re-Audit
PeoplePerHour & Upwork student account Re-Audit
How to send a effective buyer request/ bid
Marketplace Marketing
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 46
Important file sharing
Paid font and source file sharing

⇒ Class: 47
Practical Skill test

⇒ Class: 48
Solve Class

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Career Support

  • After course completion, students
    can get jobs as:

♥ Video Designer

♥ Product Designer

♥ 3D Static

♥ Corporate Design

♥ Tools and Parts Design

♥ Brochure, Logo Etc Designer

♥ Flash Artist

♥ Television & Media center

♥ Media House

♥ Multimedia Production House

♥ Advertisement Firm

♥ Architects Firm /Engineering firm

♥ Interior Firm/ Interior Design House

♥ Fashion House

♥ Freelancer

♥ Fiverr

♥ PeoplePerHour

♥ Upwork

♥ And More

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Software Taught

♦ Photoshop

♦ Camtasia

♦ Primere Pro

♦ Filmora

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