YouTube and Facebook Monetization with Content Creation



A very popular topic nowadays is content creation or YouTube. There are many YouTubers who are earning lakhs of Taka just by publishing videos on YouTube-Facebook. As long as people keep watching your videos on YouTube and Facebook, your income will continue. If you can go viral on YouTube, Facebook, or gain exposure with your video content, you can quickly become successful. ALL IT BD’s YouTube and Facebook Monetization with Content Creation course will teach you all the techniques and skills you need to know to be successful.

Computer Configuration

CPU: Intel core i3/i5 or AMD ryzen3/5
Motherboard: Supports 32GB or more ram and SATA 3.0 and 2TB-4TB HD
Ram: 4GB
SSD: 128 GB
Hard Disk: 500GB


Duration: 3 months

A day: 2 hours

A week: 3 days

 Course Outline

⇒ Class: 01
Introduce to everyone
Join the secrete group
Introduce to screenshot software
Introduce to anydesk software
Overview of the YouTube platform and how it works
Overview of the Facebook platform and how it works

⇒ Class: 02
Basic Idea of YouTube Earning
Create YouTube Channel with Customization
Banner and Logo Making Idea

Design, Audio & Editing
⇒ Class: 03
Canva Design
YouTube Logo & Cover Design
YouTube Thumbnail Design

⇒ Class: 04
Audacity Audio Editing

⇒ Class: 05
Camtasia Basic Video Editing

⇒ Class: 06
Filmora Basic Video Editing

⇒ Class: 07
Video Editing with Premier pro (Part-1)

⇒ Class: 08
Video Editing with Premier pro (Part-2)

⇒ Class: 09
Video Editing with Premier pro (Part-3)

⇒ Class: 10
Lower Third
Intro, Outro Making

Keyword Research and Video Optimization
⇒ Class: 11
How to Find Eye Catching Titles for Video
Understanding how YouTube’s search algorithm works

⇒ Class: 12
Keyword research and using tags and titles to optimize your videos
How to select first keyword and second Keyword
Creating compelling video thumbnails

YouTube SEO
⇒ Class: 13
Perfect Upload Tips
Powerful Offline SEO
Powerful Online SEO

⇒ Class: 14
Advance Research & Analysis with VidIQ
Using closed captions and transcripts to improve SEO

Own Branded YouTube Channel
⇒ Class: 15

What is Eye Tracking?
How to Get Quick Views and Subscriber

⇒ Class: 16
Copyright Details
Personal Experience

⇒ Class: 17
Stock Footage
Stock Audio Library

YouTube Monetization
⇒ Class: 18
Monetization Details
How to Setup Google AdSense Account

Affiliate Marketing with YouTube
⇒ Class: 19
Amazon Affiliate program
Text to Audio

⇒ Class: 20
Video making for Affiliate
MCN Details
Earning Idea for Different category

Facebook Monetization & Viral Content
⇒ Class: 21
Facebook Page Create

⇒ Class: 22
Content Idea
Copyright Content Editing

⇒ Class: 23
Creator Studio
Video Uploading
Share & Setup
Facebook Group

⇒ Class: 24
Facebook Monetization Details
Facebook Viral Content

Case Studies and Best Practices
⇒ Class: 25
Examples of successful YouTube marketing campaigns
Tips and best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of your

YouTube marketing efforts
⇒ Class: 26
Regular account vs Brand Account
How to secure channel from hacking

⇒ Class: 27
How to get sponsorship
Real Life Experience

Problem Solving Class
⇒ Class: 28
Class 1 to Class 14
Class 15 to Class 27

Discus about freelance marketplace
⇒ Class: 29
Introduce To Payment Method
How to open fiverr account
How to do gig research

⇒ Class: 30
How to create a gig
How to Rank Our Profile on Marketplaces?
fiverr account link Submit

⇒ Class: 31
Rules & regulation
Buyer request
Order complete
File delivery system

⇒ Class: 32
Introduction of
How to sign up?
How to get Upwork profile approved?

⇒ Class: 33
How to verify yourself on
How to get payment method verified?
How to pass on Upwork readiness test?
How to setup 100% profile?

⇒ Class: 34
How to write cover letter?
How to bid?
How you can justify buyer?
What is the best time to bid on Upwork?
How you can win the bid? And so on

⇒ Class: 35
Problem Solving Class 29 to 34

⇒ Class: 36
How to Deal with Clients
Secret Tips & Tricks for Picking Clients from Not Only Marketplace but Also Other Online Platforms
Any Question of marketplace and marketing

__ __ __

Career Support

After course completion, students
can get jobs as:

♥ YouTuber

♥ Facebook

♥ Video Designer

♥ Public Figure

♥ Television & Media center

♥ Online TV Channel

♥ Media House

♥ Multimedia Production House

♥ Advertisement Firm

♥ Architects Firm /Engineering firm

♥ Interior Firm/ Interior Design House

__ __ __

Software & Tools

♦ Camtasia
♦ Filmora
♦ TubeBuddy
♦ Streamlabs OBS
♦ Lightworks
♦ Canva
♦ VidIQ

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