Graphic designers create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, newspapers, books, websites and corporate reports.


Duration: 3 months + 1 month internship

A week: 3 days

(Practical & Theory 2 days+Solve Class 1day)

A day: 2 hours

Course Fee

BDT 12,000/-

Graphic Design Course Outline

bulletClass 01

Course Overview & Introduce to Everyone

bulletClass 02

Basic knowledge of Graphic Design and photoshop

Basic knowledge of different tools

Basic knowledge of layer & mask

bulletClass 03

Background eraser tool

Crop tool

Brush tools

History brush tool

Gradient tool

bulletClass 04

Blur tool

Burn tool

Type tool

Selection too

bulletClass 05

pen tool

bulletClass 06

Spot heading brush tool

Clone stamp tool

Heading brush tool

Patch tool

bulletClass 07

Photo editing

Photo manipulation

Color correction

bulletClass 08

Account Creation & Profile Building With Discussion (fiverr.com)

bulletClass 09

How to create a gig

How to send a bayer request

Share a secret tips and marketplace tricks

bulletClass 10

Introduce of marketplace freelancer

How to create a freelancer account

How to create nice profile with portfolio

bulletClass 11

Account Creation & Profile Building With discussion (designcontest)

Account Creation & Profile Building With discussion (designcrowd)

bulletClass 12

How to place a bid

How to attend on a contest

How to upload a Item on contest

bulletClass 13

Business card

bulletClass 14

How to create a flyer

How to create a banner

bulletClass 15

How to create a logo

How to download a mockup

How to place a design on mockup

bulletClass 16

PSD template

bulletClass 17

PSD template and book cover

bulletClass 18

Different of rasterize and vector image

Introduce of Illustrator

bulletClass 19-21

Different Tools of Illustrator

bulletClass 22

Vector image and mesh tool

bulletClass 23

Logo Design

bulletClass 24

3D logo

bulletClass 25

T-shirt Design

bulletClass 26

Introduction of teespring and how to upload an Item on teespring

bulletClass 27

How to marketing your t-shirt on facebook, twitter and pinterest

bulletClass 28

Discussion on other marketplaces

bulletClass 29

How to create a portfolio account

bulletClass 30

On Demand (Review: 1-30) Class

bulletClass 31

Live Project

bulletClass 32

Live Project

Career Support

  • After course completion, students
    can get jobs as:
  • bullet Graphics Designer
  • bullet Brochure Designer
  • bullet Logo Designer
  • bullet Flash Artist
  • bullet Television & Media center
  • bullet Media House
  • bullet Multimedia Production House
  • bullet Advertisement Firm
  • bullet Architects Firm /Engineering firm
  • bullet Interior Firm/ interior design house
  • bullet Fashion house
  • bullet Freelancer
  • bullet Fiverr
  • bullet Designcontest
  • bullet Designcrowd
  • bullet 99designs
  • bullet Teespring

Software Taught

bullet Adobe Photoshop CS6 – CC

bullet Adobe Illustrator CS6 – CC