“Digital Marketing” is a sunshade term for the Marketing of products or services using Digital Technologies, including the use of the internet,  Mobile devices, Display advertising and any other Digital Media. Digital marketing has been around for quite some time but it hasn’t been very well distinct. In simple terms, digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketing is often referred to as online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing.


Duration: 4 months
A day: 2 hours
A week: 3 days

Course Fee:BDT 16,000/-

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Complete Digital Marketing With Freelancing Course Outline

Class: 01
Introduction of Digital Marketing:
Introduction of Marketing
Introduction of Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing
Difference between Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing
Career Opportunities of Digital Marketing

Class: 02
Relation with Digital Marketing and Affiliate marketing
Relation with Digital Marketing and CPA marketing
Define Paid Marketing & Organic Marketing
Define – Audience, Content, Ad Campaign, keywords, SEO, SEM, SMM, ROI

Class: 03

Facebook Marketing

Class: 04
Introduction to Facebook Marketing
Facebook algorithm
Facebook Page Customization
Facebook Group Customization

Class: 05
Facebook Shop Creation and Product listing
Facebook auto Chat setup
Facebook Marketing Strategies Through Page
Facebook Event Marketing
Engagement Post Creation

Class: 06
Define Your Targeted Customer
Facebook Business Manager & Billing Options
Facebook Ad Library
Facebook Ad Set Up & Promotions

Class: 07
Facebook pixel knowledge
What is the benefit to Facebook pixel
How to create Facebook pixel
How to setup Facebook pixel on website

Class: 08
Facebook Retargeting
Facebook look a like audiences

Instagram Marketing

Class: 9
Instagram Marketing Anatomy
Creating Instagram Business Account
#Tags Secrets

Class: 10
Promoting Business on Instagram
Organic Targeted Audience

Twitter Marketing

Class: 11
Twitter Anatomy
Twitter Account Management
Twitter Hash tag Research
Twitter Widget Embed

Class: 12
How to Get More Twitter Follower
How to Generate Traffic from Twitter?
Twitter Analytics
Twitter Ads

Pinterest Marketing

Class: 13
Pinterest Business Account Creation
Pinand Board
Pinterest Account Management
How to Get More Followers?

Class: 14
How to Rank #1OnPinterest
How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Pinterest?
Pinterest Analytics
Pinterest Ad

LinkedIn Marketing

Class: 15
LinkedIn professional Profile creation.
LinkedIn marketing strategy.
LinkedIn connection planning

Class: 16
LinkedIn Marketing Anatomy
Adding Your Business in LinkedIn
LinkedIn Company Page Optimization

YouTube Marketing

Class: 17
YouTube Channel Creation & Optimization
Tips to Create Great Contents and Videos
Quick and Effective Tips for Video Optimization

Class: 18
Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
YouTube Competitor Analysis
Top Niche Ideas for YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing Tools

Class: 19
YouTube Ads
YouTube Monetization link to AdSense

Domain Research

Class: 20
What Is Domain?
What Is Hosting?
How to Select the Best Domain?
What Is Sub-Domain?
Importance of Domain Name for Fast Ranking
How to Pick Up the Best Domain Name?
What Is the Difference Between New Domain & Expired Domain?
Research the Best Expired Domain for Your Business

WordPress Introduction, Functionality and Customization

Class: 21
How to Work With cPanel?
How to Install WordPress?
Logging into Your Dashboard
Configuring General Settings
Configuring Reading Settings
Fav icon
Import & Export Theme files
Uploading and Managing Media Files

Class: 22
Differences Between Pages and Posts
Creating Posts
Adding Link, animation post
Configuring Permalinks
Media Library, Themes & Plugins
Switching Between Themes
Creating Your Portfolio Website

Class: 23
Configuring a Theme
Creating Your First Menu
Adding Pages to Your Menu
Adding Custom Links to Your Menu
Creating Your Business Website
Use of Page Builder
Keyword Research

Payment method

Class: 24
What Is Keyword Research & Why You Need It?
Learn About Both Paid & Free Keyword Research Tools.
Keyword Research Step by Step

Class: 25
How to Find Some Gold Keywords for Your Website?
Researching Your Competitor’s Keywords
How to Find Profitable Keywords?
Selecting Final Keywords

Strategies of Content Marketing

Class: 26
What Type of Contents Should You Write While Starting A New Blog?
Content Writing Formula
What Contents Are Missing on Your Niche Site Than Competitors?
Importance of Quality Content

Class: 27
How to Write Quality Content?
Doing Content Optimization
Content Presentation
Article Writing methods

On-Page SEO

Class: 28
Website Structure & Design
Title Tag Optimization

Class: 29
Meta Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
Heading Tag

Class: 30
Internal and External Links
Image Optimization
Yoast seo

Technical SEO

Class: 31
Working with website speed optimization
Cache clearing works
Image optimization

Off-Page SEO

Class: 32
Blog Commenting
Question Answer Site Back links
Social Book marking
Forum Posting Back links

Class: 33
Profile Back links
Classified ads
Guest post

Local SEO

Class: 34
Google My Business
Google Map

Google Search Console

Class: 35
Add A Site To GSC
Set Preferred Domain Version
Set Target Country
Link Google Analytics with Search Console
Check for the “Security Issues”
Submit A Sitemap
Check the “Index Coverage” Report
URL Inspection

Class: 36
Check Performance Report
“HTML Improvements” Report
Structure Data
Internal Links
Crawl Stats
Mobile Usability

Google Analytics

Class: 37
Add A Site to Google Analytics
Integration Google Analytics with Search Console
Google Analytics Data Comparison
Advanced Reporting
Customize Dashboard
Google Analytics Goal Setup

Google AdSense

Class: 38
Introduction To Adsense Account
Google Adsense Approval Strategies

Class: 39
How To Place Ads On Websites?
How To Place Ads On Blogs?
Custom Ads Fundamentals


Class: 40
Shopify Website Design
Product Listing

Class: 41
Shopify Plugin/app
Shopify SEO

E-Mail Marketing

Class: 42
What Is Email Marketing
Importance of Email Marketing
Email Marketing Best Practices
How to Write Perfect Cold Email for Campaign?

Class: 43
Email Marketing with Mailchimp
Design Mail chimp Templates for Marketing
Mailchimp Campaigns Setup
How to Turn Emails into Passive Income?

Earning Opportunities

Class: 44
Account Creation on Market Places
Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, SEOClerks

Class: 45
Profile Building with Discussion & Gig creation (Fiverr)

Class: 46
Profile Building with Discussion (freelancer, Upwork, SEOClerks)
Tips & Secrets Mentioned Marketplaces

Class: 47
Payment Withdraw
How to Rank Our Profile on Marketplaces?
How to Deal with Clients
Secret Tips & Tricks for Picking Clients from Not Only Marketplace but Also Other Online Platforms

Class: 48
Remote Job
Local & personal projects

Career Support

After course completion, students
can get jobs as:

♥ Online Marketer

♥ Market Researcher

 Digital Marketing Expert


 Email Marketer

♥ Market Research

♥ Digital marketing strategy

♥ Approach for developing

♥ Promotion & Branding

♥ Company Raising

It Firm


♥ Freelancer






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