Cost per acquisition (CPA), also known as cost per action is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified acquisition –
For instance a sale, click, or form and registration etc.
There is no compulsion to ensure selling products or services.
So having done a mini action then gets the commission.


Duration: 4 months

A day: 2 hours

A week: 3 days

Course Fee:BDT 20,000/-

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Complete CPA Marketing Course Outline

Class: 01
Introduction to everybody
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Introductory Marketing
CPA Marketing Overview

♦ Class: 02
CPA Marketing guide for Beginner

♦ Class: 03
Tools for CPA Marketing

♦ Class: 04
Basic of Digital Marketing

Class: 05
Advanced Keywords Research

♦ Class: 06
Basic of SEO

♦ Class: 07
On-page optimization
Content and Image optimization

♦ Class: 08
Niches Selection Procedure

♦ Class: 09
Choosing Your Niche for CPA
Domain Research

♦ Class: 10
How Much Does CPA Marketing Pay?
Having your Website or Blog

♦ Class: 11
Create a Website for CPA Marketing

♦ Class: 12
Introductory CPA networks;

♦ Class: 13
Preferable CPA market place
OfferVault Analysis
Affpaying Analysis

♦ Class: 14
Signing up with a CPA Network
Getting Accepted into a CPA Network

♦ Class: 15
Keywords Research

♦ Class: 16
How to face Interview

♦ Class: 17
Getting accepted in any CPA network

♦ Class: 18
Organic Marketing Method

♦ Class: 19
Optimizing the CPA campaigns

♦ Class: 20
CPA Offer and Market Analysis

♦ Class: 21
CPA Networks and offer Categories
Account opening and verifying
Discuss about offer Categories

♦ Class: 22
CPA Offer Research

♦ Class: 23
CPA Grip Account Approval & Profile building

♦ Class: 24
G4 Offer Account Approval & Profile building

♦ Class: 25
CPA Lead Account Approval & Profile building

♦ Class: 26
Adsmain Account Approval & Profile building

♦ Class: 27
On Demand (Review: 23-26) Class
Account Audit
Your Choice Account

♦ Class: 28
Payment Method & Withdrawal method
Payoneer account
PayPal / Payza account
Alternative Withdrawals

♦ Class: 29
Offer promotional secrets

♦ Class: 30
Classified Ads /Lead Generation

♦ Class: 31
Getting Domain & Hosting
Using cPanel
Landing page design
And Creating Offer

♦ Class: 32
Landing pages Creation Method

♦ Class: 33
Offers through landing pages

♦ Class: 34
CPA Offers on Social Media

♦ Class: 35
How to get Traffic on Facebook
Facebook Terms and conditions

♦ Class: 36
CPA Offers on Social Media

♦ Class: 37
Twitter on CPA Marketing
Account Opening Technique
How to get real traffic
Terms and conditions

♦ Class: 38
YouTube Marketing policy
Offer through Video Content

♦ Class: 39
Effective Email Marketing campaign
Arranging Email Content

♦ Class: 40
Offer posting to Media
Getting response through Blogging

♦ Class: 41
Free Campaign Rules & techniques
SEO Technique implementation

♦ Class: 42
Paid Campaign Rules & techniques

♦ Class: 43
CPA Networks Profile building

♦ Class: 44
Getting responds from Search Engine Marketing

♦ Class: 45
Getting responds from Social Media Marketing

♦ Class: 46
CPA seeing that Profession

♦ Class: 47
Live Project

♦ Class: 48
Live Project

Career Support

After course completion, students
can get jobs as:

 Online Marketer

Market Researcher

 Seo Expert

Social Network

Email Marketer

IT Firm

Digital Promotion

Social Network

Brand promoter

Market Demand Survey

CPA Grip Account

♥ Adsmain Account

G4 Offer Account

CPA Lead Account

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