3ds Max is 3D modeling and animation software for design visualization & development. The program is included in the collection of media and entertainment software. It is also an ingredient of Autodesk’s architecture, engineering, and construction collection, and one of the tools in product design and manufacturing collection. 3ds Max is used by visual effects artists and professionals in film and TV industries and by game developers and designers for the creation of virtual reality games.
Having had vast demand of it on Freelancing Marketplaces for engineering Project planning and to get accurate Idea on specific field besides personal Career development.


Duration: 4 months

A day: 2 hours

A week: 3 days

Course Fee

BDT 20,000/-

3D Studio Max & Animation Course Outline

⇒ Class: 01
Introductory Design and Animation

⇒ Class: 02
3DsMax interface
Navigation techniques and tools

⇒ Class: 03
Using Viewports and view settings
Cameras, three button Mouse

⇒ Class: 04
Manipulation of objects using Transform tools
Primitives modeling

⇒ Class: 05
Scripting language

⇒ Class: 06
Using Modifier stack
Modifiers like Bend, twist, taper, Noise

⇒ Class: 07
Primitives and modeling
Making a Basic room using primitives

⇒ Class: 08
Using 2D Shapes and Apply

⇒ Class: 09
Converting 2D shapes to 2D models using Extrude and Bevel

⇒ Class: 10
Lofting techniques
Sub object modeling

⇒ Class: 11
Using Box modeling technique

⇒ Class: 12
Polygon Modeling and Product Models
Understanding proper modeling methods

⇒ Class: 13
Using Vertices, Faces and Edges
Adding edge loops

⇒ Class: 14
Creating realistic solid models

⇒ Class: 15
What Is Freelancing and Outsourcing
Discussion On Specific Marketplaceplace
♥ PeoplePerHour
♥ Upwork
♥ freelancer
♥ Fiverr
♥ And More
Introduce To Payment Method
How to create payoneer & Others account

⇒ Class: 16
Compound shapes
Using Compound Objects
Boolean and Scatter

⇒ Class: 17
Creating a 3D Model using image planes
Practical session on creating the Model

⇒ Class: 18
Working with texture mapping
Understanding texturing in 3dsMax
Using Material Editor
Shading like Blinn, Phong and Anisotropy

⇒ Class: 19
Basic Lighting in 3dsMax
Using Point lights, direct lights and Spotlights
Rendering using Scan line renderer

⇒ Class: 20
Ray tracing, Shadows and reflections

⇒ Class: 21
Intermediate texture mapping options
Basic UV unwrapping
UV editor

⇒ Class: 22
2D Textures
Using Bitmaps as textures

⇒ Class: 23
Using Photoshop to create textures
3D textures
Texturing the Product Model made by each participant

⇒ Class: 24
All about Plugin in AutoDesk

⇒ Class: 25
Skill Test

⇒ Class: 26
How to create PeoplePerHour account
How to place a effective bid on project
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 27
How to create Upwork Account
How to place a effective bid on project
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 28
PeoplePerHour & Upwork Marketplace problem solution
PeoplePerHour & Upwork student account Re-Audit
Marketplace Marketing
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 29
Basic Deformer Rigs and Animation
Creating a simple Rig
Using Hierarchy
Linking and Unlinking objects

⇒ Class: 30
Creating a simple Ball rig

⇒ Class: 31
Using Textures
Applying Textures
Texture mapping

⇒ Class: 32
Projecting textures on surfaces
Applying multiple materials

⇒ Class: 33
Normal map
UV mapping
The UV Texture Editor

⇒ Class: 34
Introduce to marketplace fiverr.com
How to create a fiverr account
What is gig?
How to create a gig
How to send a buyer request
Marketplace tips on fiverr

⇒ Class: 35
Fiverr student account & gig Audit
Fiverr gig marketing tips and tricks
Fiverr problem solution
Secret trips and trick to make gig
Secret trips and trick on fiverr

⇒ Class: 36
How to create freelancer.com account
Marketplace tips on freelancer.com
How to place a effective bid on project
how to perticipate on contest
Difference of bid and contest

⇒ Class: 37
Freelancer student account Audit
freelancer.com account Problem Slution
Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 38
Marketplace problem solution
Freelancer student account Re-Audit
Fiverr student account & gig Re-Audit
How to send a effective buyer request/ bid
Marketplace Marketing
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

⇒ Class: 39
Animating in 3ds Max
Understanding Animation
Timeline and animation setup
Dynamic simulation
Particle systems

⇒ Class: 40
Skeletons and inverse kinematics

⇒ Class: 41
Principles of animation – A Basic Introduction
Creating Key frames and in betweens

⇒ Class: 42
Graph Editor
Bouncing Ball exercise

⇒ Class: 43
Lighting and rendering
Setting up the scene for Product presentation

⇒ Class: 44
Camera Setup and animation
3 Point lighting setup

⇒ Class: 45
Using mental ray rendering
Mental ray render setup
Mental Ray Materials
Global Illumination
Final gather

⇒ Class: 46
Rendering and output
Rendering in Layers
Ambient occlusion rendering

⇒ Class: 47
Compositing in Photoshop
Presenting the final 3D Animation

⇒ Class: 48
Live Project

Career Support

After course completion, students
can get jobs as:

3D Studio Max Designer

Animation Designer

♥ Product Designer

Corporate Design

Tools and Parts Design

Flash Artist

Television & Media center

Media House

Multimedia Production House

Advertisement Firm

Architects Firm /Engineering firm

Interior Firm/ Interior Design House

Fashion House


MAX Script

DWG import

Scene Explorer

Character Studio

General keyframing

Max Creation Graph

Constrained animation

Integrated Cloth solver

Texture assignment/editing

Integration with Autodesk Vault

Skeletons and inverse kinematics





And More

Software Taught:

Autodesk 3ds Max