As of late, The Demand of 3D design is being increased day by day. 3D model design is noteworthy of them. By considering it’s demand and request hundreds of interested people we plan to launch the training program. We have specially chosen Blender for 3D Model Designing.

Blender is also regarded as static and moving graphics for developing animated movies, visual effects. It offers many features including 3D modeling, texturing, rigging skinning, fluid, smoke simulation, animation, rendering, and video editing.

Ultimately we hope, After completion the course anyone will get a large number projects on 3D design on freelancing marketplace or Locally.


Duration: 4 months

A week: 2 days

A day: 2 hours

Course Fee

BDT 16,000/-

3D Model Design (Blender)

Course Outline

Class: 01

 Course Overview & Introduce to Everyone

Class: 02

 Introducing 3D Blender

How to use 3d Blender software

Introduce every part and section

How to use keyboard mouse in 3D Blender

Class: 03-04

How to import object and delete object

Object mode>Edit mode>Object mode

Create 3D Table, Chair, Furniture

Solid>wire frame>Solid

Object normal color

 Advance Object color

 Class: 05-06

 Object texturing (Table and Chair Furniture)

Object UV Editor


Class: 07

 On Demand (Review: 1-6) Class

Class: 08

 Account Creation & Profile Building With Discussion (fiverr.com)

Profile Building With Discussion

Tips & Secrets of fiverr.com to Get Jobs

Class: 09-10


Advance camera


Advance lighting

Class: 11-12-13

Modify tools

  1. Solidify
  2. Edge split
  3. Subdivision surface
  4. Array
  5. Bevel
  6. Boolean
  7. Mirror
  8. Cloth
  9. Ocean
  10. Particle Instance

Class: 14

 Fiverr Gig creation

Client Management & Marketing Techniques

Class: 15

 On Demand (Review: 8-14) Class

Class: 16

 Create 3D any Object

Class: 17

 Account Creation on Market Places (Freelancer)

Profile Building With Discussion

Tips & Secrets of Freelancer to Get Jobs

Class: 18-19

 Create 3D floor plan

Import furniture in 3D Floor plan and decoration

Class: 20-21

 Create 3D Home

Import furniture in 3D Home and decoration

Class: 22-23

 Create 3D Drone

Class: 24-25

 Create 3D Car

Car tair

Car Body color

Object Import and Export

Class: 26

 Account Creation on Market Places (Peopleperhour)

Profile Building With Discussion

Tips & Secrets of Peopleperhour to Get Jobs

Class: 27

  On Demand (Review: 16-26) Class

Class: 28

 Discussion on other marketplaces

Class: 29

 On Demand (Review: only marketplaces) Class

Class: 30

 Live Project

Class: 31

 Live Project

Class: 32

Best Student Awarding

Career Support

After course completion, students
can get jobs as:

 3D model Designer

 2D/3D Home make

3D Home floor plan

 Create 3D any Object

 Television & Media center

 Media House

 Multimedia Production House

 Advertisement Firm

 Architects Firm /Engineering firm

 Interior Firm/ interior design house

♥ Architectural Model

 Films animation

♥ Visual effects

♥ 3D printed models

 Interactive 3D applications

♥ Games Making

 Fashion house

♥ Freelancer



♥ Designcrowd


♥ Peopleperhour


Software Taught

 Adobe Photoshop

♦ Adobe Illustrator

 3D Blender