Smart Marketers always choose a smart way of Marketing. YouTube marketing is important to build miniature businesses Because of the potential for a video that spreads quickly to a large number of audience on the Internet or get tons of views from a lot of possible customers. It is repeatedly shared on social media sites and one can earn money from YouTube Approving Google Adsense and contracting to a company for promotion.


Duration: 4 months

A day: 2 hours

A week: 3 days

Course Fee

BDT 20,000/-

YouTube Marketing & AdSense Course Outline


⇒ Class: 01
Introduction to everyone
Join our secrete group
Why YouTube is Important
Introductory YouTubing

⇒ Class: 02
Concept of Video content Making
And it’s Technique

⇒ Class: 03
Introductory Online Platform
How does Search Engine and
Social Media Works?

⇒ Class: 04
Creating Own Branded YouTube Channel
Making the Channel professional

⇒ Class: 05
Getting Ready Scripts and Spots to Capture Video

⇒ Class: 06
Setting up Instruments
Camera Recommendation to create Professional videos?

⇒ Class: 07
Sound System and Lighting effect control

⇒ Class: 08
Create your Personal Studio
With Interior Design

⇒ Class: 09
Record Your Video with right Angle
Shots Analysis

⇒ Class: 10
Edit your captured Video using several video editing software

⇒ Class: 11
Making Intro and Outro for your Channel

⇒ Class: 12
Making a cinematic color
Adding color effect in video

⇒ Class: 13
Remove background
How to add extra object on video

⇒ Class: 14
Clip cutting, cropping, sorting and transition

⇒ Class: 15
Lower third and animate text
Text animation effect and Masking

⇒ Class: 16
Rules to upload Your Videos on YouTube

⇒ Class: 17
Optimizing titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails

⇒ Class: 18
Advanced Keyword Research and Tags for YouTube

⇒ Class: 19
Most used Tools for a Successful Youtuber

⇒ Class: 20
Optimize Your Video Title & Description to Reach Your Goals
Adding a Channel Trailer

⇒ Class: 21
Accessible Video: Caption, Search, and Compliance Strategies
Insert audio sound and
Applying audio effects Reverb, Gain, Delay,

⇒ Class: 22
What Makes a Good YouTube Video?

⇒ Class: 23
Create a Business-to-Consumer video [Local Company]

⇒ Class: 24
Create a Business-to-Business Video [Local Company]

⇒ Class: 25
Grow your brand with a YouTube channel

⇒ Class: 26
Improve Your Video Results with YouTube Market Research

⇒ Class: 27
Social Media Marketing to Optimize Brand

⇒ Class: 28
Improve your channel by using analytics

⇒ Class: 29
Add SEO-Friendly Tags
Create a Clickable Thumbnail
Engage with Cards and End Screens

⇒ Class: 30
Add Links to Your YouTube Video
Navigate the YouTube platform

⇒ Class: 31
Content Marketing: Videos/Social Media Promotion for Musicians, Artists, and Engineers

⇒ Class: 32
Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel

⇒ Class: 33
Engage with Your Audience

⇒ Class: 34
Get more YouTube views
Get more YouTube subscribers

⇒ Class: 35
Use YouTube for Lead Generation & Drive Traffic to Your Website

⇒ Class: 36
Leverage Your Video on Your Website & Social Media

⇒ Class: 37
Advertising on YouTube

⇒ Class: 38
Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube

⇒ Class: 39
Learning Video Live Streaming
Going Live via the ‘Camera’ Method
Going Live via the ‘Events’ Method

⇒ Class: 40
Measure Results with YouTube Analytics

⇒ Class: 41
The Dashboard
The Videos Page
The Comments Page
The Transcriptions & Copyright Pages

⇒ Class: 42
Keeping Videos Optimized Over Time

⇒ Class: 43
Leverage Your Video on Your Website & Social Media

⇒ Class: 44
Measure Results with YouTube Insights

⇒ Class: 45
Make money with your YouTube videos with
Ads, products and services, sponsors, and crowd funding

⇒ Class: 46
Make Money on YouTube with Merchandise & Trending Products

⇒ Class: 47
Channel Status and Verification
YouTube FAQs

⇒ Class: 48
Complete Implementation Class and Solution

Career Support

After course completion, students
can get jobs as:


Video Designer

Public Figure

Television & Media center

Online TV Channel

Media House

Multimedia Production House

Advertisement Firm

Architects Firm /Engineering firm

Interior Firm/ Interior Design House

Software & Tools

Streamlabs OBS