β€œAutoCAD” computer-aided is a 2D and
3D drafting software application used in architecture, construction & manufacturing
to assist in the preparation of blueprints and other engineering plans. Professionals who use AutoCAD are often referred to asΒ drafters.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
Define and maintain coordinate systems to aid in the construction.
Create and use model space view ports.
Create a standard engineering layout.
Extract 2D views from a 3D dimensional model for detail drafting.
Create and edit simple 2D regions and 3D solid models.
Use a variety of 3D display techniques.
Create 3D surface models using a variety of techniques.
Identify the various types of surface meshes and applications for each.
Generate 3D text and dimensions.
Render a 3D model with a variety of lights and materials.


Duration: 4 months
A day: 2 hours
A week: 3 days

Course Fee: BDT 20,000/-

Currently Discount: Coupon 50%

Complete AutoCAD (2D & 3D) With Freelancing Course Outline

β‡’ Class: 01
Introductory Class
Interpreting Purpose
Introduction to everybody
Join our secrete group
Introduction AutoCAD 2D-3D

β‡’ Class: 02
Interface of AutoCAD & Basics

β‡’ Class: 03
Basic Geometry Creation
& Measurements

β‡’ Class: 04
Drafting Settings in AutoCAD
Snapping to Coordinates

β‡’ Class: 05
Drawing Fundamentals for AutoCAD
Using Scale

β‡’ Class: 06
Using specialize drawing commands of AutoCAD

β‡’ Class: 07
AutoCAD Object Properties

β‡’ Class: 08
Primary modifications in AutoCAD

β‡’ Class: 09
Create text in AutoCAD changing requirement
AutoCAD’s Orienting

β‡’ Class: 10
Utility and Inquiry Tools
Layers & Layouts of AutoCAD

β‡’ Class: 11
Managing Blocks & References in AutoCAD

β‡’ Class: 12
Annotations & Annotative Objects
Setting the Annotative property for objects

β‡’ Class: 13
Designing and Storing Attribute Information
Extracting Linking and Presenting Information in Tables
External References

β‡’ Class: 14
Adding Callouts in AutoCAD?
Checking Your Skills
Linking to different drawings?

β‡’ Class: 15
Organizing Pictures
Printing & Plotting Drawings
Sizing Annotations on Printed Drawings

β‡’ Class: 16
Altering Objects
Stretch objects
Offset objects

β‡’ Class: 17
Create a radius between objects
Trim and extend objects
Break and join objects

β‡’ Class: 18
Work with Text: text styles,
Text justification and multi-line text

β‡’ Class: 19
Leader Designing
Create and use Multileaders

β‡’ Class: 20
Create Template Content
Create and use templates

β‡’ Class: 21
Creating Additional Drawing
Objects Hide and isolate objects
Creating & editing poly lines

β‡’ Class: 22
Variations of Dimensioning
And Edit it

β‡’ Class: 23
Work with dimension styles
Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands

β‡’ Class: 24
Calculate the area of objects

β‡’ Class: 25
Changing object properties
Using layers

β‡’ Class: 26
Hatching Objects
Use hatching

β‡’ Class: 27
Insert and Manage External References
Apply External References
Manipulating Objects
Use grips

β‡’ Class: 28
What Is Freelancing and Outsourcing
Discussion On Specific Marketplaceplace
β™₯ PeoplePerHour
β™₯ Upwork
β™₯ freelancer
β™₯ Fiverr
β™₯ And More
Introduce To Payment Method
How to create payoneer & Others account

β‡’ Class: 29
How to create PeoplePerHour account
How to place a effective bid on project
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

β‡’ Class: 30
How to create Upwork Account
How to place a effective bid on project
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

β‡’ Class: 31
PeoplePerHour & Upwork Marketplace problem solution
PeoplePerHour & Upwork student account Re-Audit
Marketplace Marketing
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

β‡’ Class: 32
How to create freelancer.com account
Marketplace tips on freelancer.com
How to place a effective bid on project
how to perticipate on contest
Difference of bid and contest

β‡’ Class: 33
Freelancer student account Audit
freelancer.com account Problem Solution
Secrete tips and tricks

β‡’ Class: 34
Introduce to marketplace fiverr.com
How to create a fiverr account
What is gig?
How to create a gig
How to send a buyer request
Marketplace tips on fiverr

β‡’ Class: 35
Fiverr student account & gig Audit
Fiverr gig marketing tips and tricks
Fiverr problem solution
Secret trips and trick to make gig
Secret trips and trick on fiverr

β‡’ Class: 36
Marketplace problem solution
Freelancer student account Re-Audit
Fiverr student account & gig Re-Audit
How to send a effective buyer request/ bid
Marketplace Marketing
Marketplace Secrete tips and tricks

β‡’ Class: 37
Basic Overview to 3D
Isometric Views
Thickness & Elevation in AutoCAD
3D Viewing & Orbiting
Changing View Ports in AutoCAD

β‡’ Class: 38
Visual Designs in AutoCAD

β‡’ Class 39
Solid Primitives and Structure

β‡’ Class: 40
3D Basics & 3D Operation
Modifying solid editing?

β‡’ Class: 41
Creating 3D moving objects in AutoCAD
Modifying 3D Mesh Objects

β‡’ Class: 42
Working with Surface Objects
Modifying 3D Objects in AutoCAD

β‡’ Class: 43
Material & Mapping

β‡’ Class: 44
Lights & Camera in AutoCAD

β‡’ Class: 45
Complete Engineering Project

β‡’ Class: 46
Motion Path Animation
How to do Rendering?
Export & Import 3D Drawing

β‡’ Class: 47
Live Project

β‡’ Class: 48
Live Project

Career Support

  • After course completion, students
    can get jobs as:

β™₯ Autocad 2D & 3D Designer

β™₯ Product Designer

β™₯ 3D Static

β™₯ Corporate Design

β™₯ Tools and Parts Design

β™₯ Brochure, Logo Etc Designer

β™₯ Flash Artist

β™₯ Television & Media center

β™₯ Media House

β™₯ Multimedia Production House

β™₯ Advertisement Firm

β™₯ Architects Firm /Engineering firm

β™₯ Interior Firm/ Interior Design House

β™₯ Fashion House

β™₯ Freelancer

β™₯ Fiverr

β™₯ PeoplePerHour

β™₯ Upwork

β™₯ And More

Software Taught

♦ AutoCAD 2016